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The Shirtless Violinist

Whats better than a classical violinist or a beautiful shirtless man? Well, I’ll tell ya… how about a beautiful shirtless man who plays the classical violin? Yeah, the imagery, right?

Today you’re in luck! Let me introduce you to Matthew. Matthew grew up from a very young age playing the violin and it’s followed him throughout his life, all the way into his 30’s. His violin has been the catalyst to performing in local malls and also to the heartwarming story of how he met his now boyfriend.

However, like so many of our guest, and many LGBTQ people around the world, Matthew faced a lot of rejection for being gay from the religious people in his life. You’ll hear him talk about this more in debt, but part of it is losing the support of his loving family, eventually leading to the demise of his relationship with his mother for sometime when he came out to her.

As Matthew navigated his twenties and early thirties as a gay man looking for love. Soon he finds himself enamored by an unexpected love that lasts to this day. As the relationship progressed his partner suggested Matthew begin recording videos of himself playing the violin and posting them on YouTube. It is one small suggestion that plummeted Matthew into being who we now know as, The Shirtless Violinist.

This episode brings me a lot of joy. I’m happy to share a story on the show that is filled with more happiness and joy than heartache and pain. I’m pleased to share a story that about a healthy, loving partnership between two kind and gentle men. It’s amazing to show how something as simple as music can be so ingrained throughout the fabric of someone’s life only to shape who they are so many decades later.

So, this episode goes out to all the relationships out there. Straight or homosexual relationships; cheers to you for committing to your partners through endless thick and thin times. We need more of this in the world. And those of you who were like me as a child who daydreamed about having a loving partner to walk through life with, never stop dreaming for if you can dream it, how will it ever materialize.

Peace, love, and happiness. Keep loving one another.


Kate Georges
  • Glad to see you on my blog. I write about the life of the LGBT community in Dublin, about the challenges that face us every day. I hope that with the help of my blog I can draw more attention to people with a different orientation, make the world a better, kinder and more tolerant


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