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Suicidal thoughts – help each other!

Hazel Marzetti, a student based at the University of Glasgow, is currently undertaking a research project on LGBT+ young people’s suicidal thoughts and attempts in Scotland (their research page can be found at )

Suicidal thoughts and attempts disproportionately affect LGBT+ young people, when compared to cisgender, heterosexual young people, and so Hazel is looking to try and identify contributory and protective factors that affect this, and construct an idea of what ideal future support could look like.

The research is looking to connect with young LGBT+ people (aged 16-24) in Scotland who have either experienced suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide. The aim is to try and better understand factors contributing to, and protecting people from, suicide, and to gather evidence of what ideally future support for young LGBT+ people would look like. It’s an interview-based study, which basically means that young people will meet up with Hazel for a (confidential) chat about their experiences (but that chat will, with their permission, be taped and typed up for analysis).

You can contact Hazel by email, phone 07989161022 or on Twitter @hazelmarzetti.

Kate Georges
  • Glad to see you on my blog. I write about the life of the LGBT community in Dublin, about the challenges that face us every day. I hope that with the help of my blog I can draw more attention to people with a different orientation, make the world a better, kinder and more tolerant


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