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I did not grow up with immigrant parents, well, technically they did immigrate here from Haiti but they were so young when they came here that they are extremely assimilated. I can’t really claim that I know what it’s like to have parents whose ideologies and morals are so grounded in the ways of their home country.

That’s why while I can, of course, relate to what its like to be gay and grow up in America, I have not the slightest clue as to the added difficulties that people like our guest today go through, being gay and having immigrated parents who simply WILL NOT accept this sort or “Lifestyle”.

And please note. I am not saying that LGBTQ people who have immigrant parents have it “harder” than those of us whose parents were born in America. This episode is simply to point out the differences and to take a look at those differences because no one’s story is the same but everyone’s story deserves to be told.

As we continue to work this month with “Harry’s” and support them in their work to donate the profits of their Shave With Pride kit to The Trevor Project I’ve decided that we should have their LGBTQ employees on the show.

This is how I met, Elton. Elton was raised by immigrant parents and tirelessly struggled to gain the acceptance of his parents, more specifically his mother, all his life. I hope for those of you who are in similar situations as Elton find a sense of comfort in knowing that there are millions of other LGBTQ people who’ve experienced or are currently experiencing what you are.

And those of us who did not, I truly hope that we allow ourselves to see the diversity that exists within our community. I hope this we view this as yet another way that we can support and uplift our community as a whole.

Kate Georges
  • Glad to see you on my blog. I write about the life of the LGBT community in Dublin, about the challenges that face us every day. I hope that with the help of my blog I can draw more attention to people with a different orientation, make the world a better, kinder and more tolerant


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